Friday, October 09, 2009

DOS on telephone numbers

hmmm this is unfortunately something we are going to see more of.

if you think email spam is bad imagine 20 automated phone calls a day with robots on the the end of them trying to sell you viagra.

Someone is 'cooking' something here as a test for something bigger (and racking up bills for unsuspecting people at the same time).

Citibank is or has been under a telephone calling attack latest 12 hours. Here I will explain the attack and how it was done.
Have you seen the movie “lawnmower man”, when in the end, all phones rings in the who city? This was the aim for todays attack on Citibank in UK. The attack was simple, but probably effective when it was active. Send SIP INVITE to open SIP gateways and PBXs, who then will actually use the traditional phonesystem (POTS) to call the target. Suddenly you need DoS protection on your traditional POTS lines….
The SIP INVITE looks like this.


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