Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Rosetta Stone

Jodie wanted to brush up on her German as she hasn't done German language classes in at least 8 years or more since she was last in Berlin so i bought her a copy of the Rosetta Stone German Level 1, 2 & 3 that she has been using for the last month or so and loves it.

Considering I haven't studied languages since failing 8th grade French i was wary about having a go myself.

All i can say is wow.

After playing with it for just a few hours or so I've been totally hooked. The way they use audio and pictures is fantastic. I cant believe how easy it is.

If you are thinking of trying to learn a language definitely check out Rosetta Stone. It's pricey but way worth it in comparison to studying languages in a formal class.


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  1. Interesting. They have been REALLY pushing their services recently, giving free/discounted copies to gov workers allows them to say "Used by the State dept" and with their IPO I figured it was all smoke and mirrors.
    I am now working with CALA mobile operators and figure I need to learn Spanish...maybe I'll try it.
    I guess the key is whether or not you can speak the language when by the end of it?