Friday, October 02, 2009

The W Hotel in Montreal

We stayed at The W hotel in Montreal for the weekend. Loved it.

We stayed in one of their funky "Mega Rooms" where the bath/shower area is open to the bedroom area.

It sounds funky but it really works. Makes the space feel so much bigger and being able to watch the tv from the bubble bath.

Of course like all of the W hotels you can hardly see anything in the lobby because of the dim lighting;

Would definitely recommend staying there.

The one big negative was the concierge. (both of them).

On Friday night we asked for recommendations on funky restaurants in the Old Port area, and although we were referred to 3 or 4 really nice looking restaurants they all looked a little boring.

Ended up asking a bar tender we met for advice and they recommended the perfect restaurant "Méchant Bœuf Bar & Brasserie" which was much more our style.

On the Saturday night i asked a different concierge for advice on a 'funky jazz club', he recommended 'House', lol i knew within 2 mins before we even got to the bar that this wasn't our kind of place and went to find Diese Onze.

Apart from this if you are young and hip, wouldn't recommend staying anywhere else.

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