Friday, October 09, 2009

Time Warner NYC SUX!! - Samsung 3090

I used to have a scientific atlanta 8300 dvr in harlem for the last 2 years and it was great.

When we moved to brooklyn heights for some reason the 8300 kept having vod issues. After 3 different technician visits and even swapping out the box with another 8300 didn't solve the problem.

Eventually the technician replaced the SA 8300 with the new samsung 3090.

The VOD problem went away which is great however the new box DOESNT work with the esata drive that i purchased last year that WAS working with the SA8300.

I called the call center and both csr's i spoke with didn't even know what esata drives were let alone how to help me get this working/explain when it would be available.

Time Warner NYC sux and the CSR's are clueless.

I dont know if Fios is any better but it cant be worse.


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