Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Blogger iFrame screwup

As you can see there is a major problem with google blogger at the moment.

eg my blog isn't accessible via anymore

They broke iFrame compatibility about 3 days ago and still haven't fixed it. If it's not fixed by this weekend I'm dumping blogger and moving to wordpress.

I think they need to turn this off until you find a work around rather than keeping us offline.

#Blogger #Fail


  1. what makes this problem even more frustrating is that google are breaking iframes to 'your domains' but when you use their custom domain function it works;

    check out as you can see the blog is now visible because i set up my to be diverted to

    this was done using -

    As you can see blogger are happy to screw it up....except when the content is coming back to them

  2. as you can see it's sort of ok now.

    search is a real problem though, basically some of the search terms are working but only for 'some' of the posts.

    once i get time i should really swap this out for wordpress but at least you can read the posts.

  3. Dean

    Thank you for the helpful iFrame advice, a question on any additional settings to stop Blogger jumping out of iFrames?

    We want to integrate several blogs into a website (eventually different groups will have a blog each). Right now just testing with ONE.

    We have iFrame structure with src=pointing to blogger site, very similar to your site.

    The issue comes when we attempt to post a comment - blogger redirects/returns to (outside the iFrame). This occurs with/without moderation with/without access to all/anon.

    Hitting sign-out/dashboard also drops us back out beyond the iFrame - but we can just remove the Blogger title banner for that (note you do that).

    Tests were all done logged in as the blog author, in Firefox.

    I note on your iFrame site - posts do re-direct to pages in blogger/ style - but at least they remain within the iFrame.

    Wondered, have we just missed some HTML/Script parameter settings. Or this could be a bug (does not feel like it, but not my area...). Have dug around in the help blogs & docs; but most people seem happy with iFrame setups and the story stops there. This was just supposed to be a minor element - but I guess you get what you pay for and Blogger is 'free'.

    Again, thanks for your time - just hoping its something simple that has been missed (devil's always in the footnotes).



  4. my advice for what you are doing.....just go to Wordpress.

    I'm about to dump blogger for similar reasons.

    Plus the 'team post' function that you are lookign for they have built in natively.

  5. Dean

    Thanks for taking the time to get back to me.

    I think you are right - wrong platform.

    The 'learning curve' and set-up costs of shifting to wordpress - start to get outweighed by the compromises required to maintain blogger.