Monday, November 30, 2009

Is a 'remnant' radio advertisement worth 4 x an online ad?

So i read in Fred Wilson's blog post post that one of his portfolio companies was looking for a SEO and i thought hmmm i wonder how much it does cost to advertise on radio?

So I found out the answer....... "Lots".

Basically for a basic 15 second advertisement, running in the 'sports' genres radio stations with no ability to choose 'what stations' it ran on (in otherwords bottom of the barrel remnant including aol radio) it costs a minimum of $3.74 PCM.

I'm not sure how the 'stations' are estimating their listeners at 3-6pm each afternoon but i wasn't able to actually select what days it could be run on either - just what timeslot (i would really want sat/sun afternoons to target sports listeners for and ).

This $3.74PCM amount also didn't seem to go up or down based on total budget either. In fact the flash demo about 'tweaking' your campaign showed a lot of functionality that wasn't possible when it came to setting up the ad spot.

So I'm putting the question to you - is it worth 4-5 X to advertise on radio compared to online?

Do you pay anymore attention to radio ads than online ads?

P.S. Something that confused me about their 'close the order' page was it automatically selected was even though i put in $500 as my monthly budget....they auto selected $50. I think they might not be taken seriously for this amount alone.

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