Tuesday, November 03, 2009

If you are going to buy a Droid get it before the 15th of November !!

It appears as if Verizon is going to be changing their ETF for for advanced devices on the 15th of November from $175 to $350.

If you are planning on buying a Droid make sure you do it before the 15th of November.

Basically if you buy your droid after the 15th of November if you leave Verizon BEFORE the end of 2 years they want to charge you a higher early termination fee.

So basically if you left after 1 year (to go back to ATT for the "iPhone V5" for example) then they will charge you $230 ($350 - ($10 per month x 12 months completed = $120).

If you buy before the 15th of november the amount they charge you is $175 - $5 per month completed any purchases before the 15th of November it would be $115 early termination fee ($175 - ($5 per month x 12=$60).

Hey Verizon looks like all the suckyness of you hasn't quite left yet.


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