Friday, April 09, 2010

Oh My God - I'm going to a Social Distortion concert :) !!!!!

I love love love living in New York.

I take back all the bad things i have ever said about how shitty living here is with the grime and the dirt, about how crappily small the apartments are and how bad the restaurants are.

There is one upside that living in New York has over Australia in spades, music and fantastic live gigs.

I only recently found out that Social distortion are still touring (it seems they now live in Brazil).

This morning i opened my email to find out, in 60 minutes time, tickets for their North America tour were going on sale (doing lollapalooza) but also a few local gigs here in New York.

I woke Jodie up to tell her but not sure if it was too early in the morning but she didn't seem excited so i'm either going to have to convert her to being a fan OR someone else gets to use my second ticket.

For those of you who dont know the andrenalin pumping joy of Social Distortion  imagine finding out that Bon Scott and Kurt Cobain were doing a gig at your local pub next friday and thats how excited i am at the moment.

For anyone that wants to score tickets to The Webster and hook up with me on Saturday night the 31st of July in Hartford the link is here and



  1. Hey why not go the whole hog and head to Lollapalooza in Chicago... great line up. Weekend in the Windy City?? Do you think I'd have enuff ff points to get there? x TM

  2. I love Chicago in the summer, put your points where your mouth is and i'm there.

    Back at ya baby.