Wednesday, April 28, 2010

ROFL - Remember peoples the internets is forever

Long circular story but it's a funny one.

This morning an email from Yelp about Brooklyn came in;
Now there is nothing better than fish and chips on the grass at Bondi Beach or similar and i miss the experience so i think cool will have to check out Park Slope Chip Shop

Which lead me to this review;

Which lead me to this article;

lol - oh the irony but it gets funnier.

The mother Vicki Sell jumps into the comments

which is when the riots begin including this classic;

Lol poor Katherine Sell is going to stumble over this in 10 years and wonder WTF? ROLF this is exactly what the internets is all about, forget ecommerce, online learning or voip - storing stuff online for eternity so future generations can find it years into the future and wonder WTF?

Remember peoples the internets is forever - do you really want to see that sexting MMS of yours from that weekend in Cabo in 10 years from now?


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