Friday, April 30, 2010

Oh Snap - MyPostButler 2.0 is back

Oh snap – look what just landed in my inbox from the developer, the latest revision of MyPostButler with oauth capabilities PLUS the ability to configure for any consumer key/secret/call back url.

I think we'll call this "Version 2.0 - the cockroach version".

Anyone want to send me an email with your twitter username and I'll send you a copy - i highly suggest it not be your main Twitter account..... lol.

I'm wondering what Twitters next step to block me is?

So people what do you think….keep the Flippa auction going and sell the source code or “slash and burn” and open source the code and let the chips fall where they may with 1000+ api applications?

I'll leave it up to commenters on my blog to let me know - open source the code OR keep selling it – play nice or play twitter at their own game – what do you think?



  1. you're free to give the source away to others who will further equip it to do ill, and get whitelisted for like ten minutes, capturing 1/6th of those 20,000 API calls across multiple accounts until cut off, harming the community in the period of misuse.

    ten whole minutes!

    you're kind of an interesting case study. you would like to run software on a network that has a history of misuse. you probably claim it's just a hammer. if people use it to break windows, that's not your problem! you claim the role of the righteous victim, while you produce software that creates victims.

    so what do i think? i think you should erase the software. but obviously you can do the opposite. there's lots of opportunities to do ill in this world. i am sure twitter will deal with people making decisions like yours, for the remainder of their operation. so you're not unique in this regard. there are hundreds of people who misused email in similar ways, basically killing the open email platform. never again. i advocate an iron fist in response.

    regarding your appraisal of Oauth, it's bonkers. i suspect as a software professional developing twitter and other software, i have vastly more skill than you do. ha ha you can disagree. but if you can't appraise the inherent risk in basic auth, and think oauth is a conspiracy to wreck twitter rather htan defend it, then you're basically completely confused.

    do the right thing. and i have every right to dream that we'd agree what the right thing is.

    also saying 'cheers' after exceptionally hostile and threatening email is another sign of a creep.

  2. Sorry Mr Anonymous,

    but i like blue cars ( ), having already received a C&D from Twitter whilst i can guarentee you are a better programmer than i am (i dont code at all) I think i have more experience with Twitter and their "personal nuances" than you do.


  3. a network engineer there told me to re-design my app and i'm doing it, and it qualifies as learning personal nuances. you bet i respect their policies regarding net effect of a piece of software on the userbase, and i hope their move to pick-and-choose which jackassy apps to kill succeeds with flying colors.

    you failed to negotiate probably because you failed to cooperate probably because you're proud of your jackassy app.

    you deride twitter's right to pick and choose the apps based on their impact to the community. you think you can strong-arm them and menace them. but it turns out you're weak, your hand is weak, and you don't have a case or a clue.


  4. lol funny how the big talkers always sign as "Anonymous".

  5. i sign as anon but my name is John Dempsey, @mcfnord. are my words smaller now that you know my name?

    it's funny you'd release the message just because you want to snipe at the anon. and now you know my name... you won't release this message, cuz where's the narcissism in it for you?

    i tell people about you as a way NOT to build a twitter app/win friends/influence people.

    lol that, creep!

    you lol, you say cheers, all the while you're cynical and derisive.