Thursday, May 06, 2010

iPads with keyboards
What caught my eye, however, was what her proprietary research shows about the impact of the iPad and other tablets on the broader gadget market, starting with netbooks

LOL - have you read how many people are saying "this ipad is great and I just cant wait to get a keyboard for it".

FTW – it’s called a Notebook.

Basically what they are saying is they want better websites/applications online and most current website/apps UI suck and i totally get where they are coming from.
You know what the whole iPad experience has taught me is;
1/ People will "pay" for the web
2/ People want "more" from webs and apps and we aren't doing enough from a UI perspective.
Any thoughts?
P.S. BTW i called Rupert Murdoch a genius about paywalls last year...come back in a year from now and he's going to make Zuckerburg's rev model look like a lemonade stand.

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  1. Dean,

    I just spend almost $800 on a top-end netbook...and I'm loving it! the keyboard is great. The screen is still 10" but it has enough resolution to see a whole web page.

    I thought hard about the iPad, but was driven to a solution with a real keyboard.