Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Museum de Orsay

Wow just got back from the Orsay, what a day. Was great to see the Van Gogh self portrait (as a kid a did a rendition of a pencil drawing in this style that i still keep with me today-will see if i can dig it up and post below at a later date).

It was really interesting to see stuff in person that i'd seen in books but never seen before in person, was really surprised at how much i appeciated the technical kills of the dab style of Cross and how it influenced Cezanne.

Lol now for the embarrasing bit, i had no idea that "pastels" referred to the painting medium (eg pastel sticks) and not the colours.... yep - major art buff here - NOT :)

Was also interesting to see they allow no photograhy at all in the Orsay as opposed to the Louvre the day before which is a free for all and you can take non flash photos of almost everything.


P.S. Finally found the sketch i did - lol remember this was when i was in the 5th grade.

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