Monday, May 10, 2010

MsTag - just give up already

ha ha, it's just been brought to my attention that MsTags are available in Black and White (i dont know how i missed it before).
The black and white Microsoft Tag are larger than the color codes. Color codes have 5 lines of 10 triangles or 50 triangles. B&W has 7 lines of 14 triangles or 108 triangles.

Ha Ha Ha, just give up already MsTags. Look if you really want to make an entry into the 2D barcode space offer a fantastic backend platform for QR codes and get on board with an open standard.

There are lots of functionality that you could be offering people and with your size you bring a lot to the table but this proprietary system for just Ms Tags is a joke>

yes you have the marketing dollars to throw at it but you are just delaying the inevitable closure of your platform and pissing people off when they realise your indirect codes have stopped working.

If anyone finds this post thinking about implement 2d codes (eg MsTags or QR codes etc then check out there are so many reasons why MsTags are a bad idea.
And Microsoft if you need help implementing a kick-ass QR code platform you know where to find me.


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