Monday, May 17, 2010

Microsoft Response Point Voip server discontinued

Interesting announcement today;,microsoft-response-point-voip-gets-a-dirt-nap.aspx
Microsoft this week revealed its intention to discontinue its Response Point, its small business VoIP system for companies with up to 50 employees.
While not unexpected, the move is significant because Response Point was once a promising product in which Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates took a particular interest.
"After taking a good look at the Microsoft Response Point offering and the needs of small businesses, we’ve decided to discontinue the sale, support, and development of the Response Point phone system for small businesses, effective August 31, 2010

Anyone got any thoughts about using OCS in smaller than 50 users?

Shows the naysayers who suggested 3com/MS voip was better because they had “big company support” compared to the small Asterisk open source voip vendors.


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