Sunday, August 08, 2010

Proof that i'm a mean sadistic bastard

Most people dont think i'm a mean sadistic bastard but i am.

And every time i see the banner ad above just proves how mean i can be to some poor ad purchasing exec who i've never met and have no idea who they are.

As i've written about before I really think there needs to be a "forget me" button in ads that are retargetting you - ; And about 3 months ago i bought $80 worth of vacuum bags (lol yeh i know, i like to buy stuff like that in bulk so that the cleaner doesn't need to tell me that often...the last bag is full, can you get some more before next Friday.....). But basically for whatever reason i must now be classed as high value prospect and this company is appearing on almost 10% of the ads that appear before me on all the websites i visit.

For the first month i just ignored them hoping they would fall off.... now I'm just plain mean and click them every time i see them.

Someone at GoVacuum is obviously not seeing these non-purchasing clicks as i must have cost them $80 in clicks by now and they still keep appearing.

Any other suggestions on how i can get new adds to appear (and no cookie clearing hasn't solved the problem).


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