Thursday, September 23, 2010

Banner Ad Exchange

Some of you already know I’m involved with the startup

We run a number of destination websites featuring live chat such as , , etc (10 in total), and whilst we are just starting to get traction we still have a long way to go with the final product (about V0.7 so far).

The reason for this post is we serve our ads on our sites using our own dedicated ad server.

I'm interested in setting up some reciprocal banner impression contracts with people in similar sporting spaces. e.g. Basically we'll run 50,000 banner ad impressions for your website on one of our Live Chat website and you'll run 50,000 impressions for (or one of our other sites) on your platform.

Live Chat Concepts inc places a single banner at the base of all our chat pages that is rotated every 60 seconds. This banner is 468 x 60 and is very cleanly and prominently displayed above the fold without any distracting clutter. If you need to arrange a swap with less than 50,000 impressions it can be done just get in touch to discuss.

You'll be emailed updates every 24 hours on delivery rate etc from our OpenX ad server with number of impressions and number of clicks etc (as we'd like to see something similar from you).

If this is of interest to anyone on the newtech list get in touch and I'll send you a formal proposal along with our sample banner ads we'd like to run.

I’ve offered these free banner exchange contracts to other people in the past who have taken me up on the offer so get in touch if you’d like some contact details about people who have participated previously.


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