Saturday, September 11, 2010

Napster peaked at only 26m users

Chilling out on the deck this morning came across an interesting statement in the current issue of "CED-Broadband Technology" magazine (yeh i know i read some esoteric crap at times, all about cable headends and video technology).

The article wasn't significant but what was interesting that caught my eye was that Napster peaked with a user base of 26 million users (15m USA, 26m in total internationally).

Wow it is an amazing fact that the entire music industry was changed forever with only 26 million users. What other industries could be changed forever if 26 million people got together around a singular cause? (electric cars? public transport? political change with encouragement around sustainable policies?)

Now here is the kicker - what changes are going to come about from Facebooks 500 million user base?


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