Thursday, October 07, 2010

Mobile Barcode Scanning UP

What they fail to mention in the article I comment on below, as they haven't published my comments yet and probably never will so you should forward my post url

My Comments below.

"* Wide spread adoption in Japan was a direct result of wireless carriers driving awareness in order to drive revenue from mobile data plans"

Yes and they also agreed on a standard system of QR codes! You know like they co-operated instead of suing each other or implemented ridiculous "gatekeeper" systems like what CTIA laughingly proposed.

It's only that the usa is screwed up by money(profits?) that mobile barcode systems have been screwed up for so long by scanbuy and neomedia.

Interestingly you dont comment that QR codes differ from the proprietary systems you mention in that they can resolve information like urls (85% of the scans according to your report) directly on the handset itself and DOESNT require a third party server.

This is just one of the many reasons people should NOT use proprietary codes and move exclusively to open and free QR codes.


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