Monday, July 18, 2011


Loving my new Droid3, just upgraded from a Droid1 last week.

Couple of initial thoughts.....

Disappointing that when i sign into google it doesn't copy across all the apps previously installed on my Droid1.

Basically it auto downloads the "paid" apps but all the have to re-download. Even to the point that the Touchdown exchange "pro license" downloads...but the actual app itself you have to download.

Touchdown rocks though….if you use exchange and have a android handset don’t even consider not using this app.
Not a big deal but seems like something that could have been easy for them to implement, this also means you have to "reconfigure" all of your apps again from scratch (most are easy but some like touchdown exchange, 1-VPN, Sipdroid etc take a bit of configuration, also favorites etc don't copy over either...whats with that?).

Absolutely loving the new screen, although the handset is only about 1/2" longer and 1/4" wider because of the size of the display the handset actually feels thinner, more tablet like.

Would i prefer a 5" display instead of a 4" display… for sure absolutely, but that's just me.

Keyboard.....ahhh physical keyboard what can i say, you are either going to get why a real keyboard makes sense or you aren't, enough said, if you are sitting here thinking i like my iphones virtual keyboard...its the best... well good luck to you, skip the next paragraph.

Loving the extra row of number keys, though i kind of miss the Dpad I’m not finding the 4 arrow keys working out with the same ease. I do feel that the Droid3 keys have more travel and are easier to press than the Droid1 keys which i like though i didnt mind the Droid1 at all apart from wanting bigger keys (i hated the Droid2 keyboard when i tested in the store).

Dual CPU...... not noticing heat issues (yet) so so far loving it. Some people online are complaining about battery life but i think this is probably because they left their CDMA + GSM radios on (i'm clueless as to why they didnt switch off the GSM radio by default...lets face it how many Americans are going to use the "world" part of this world phone.....? BTW I'm heading home to Australia in December for a month so will post back how easy i find swapping out to a local sim when i get there.

What i have noticed however is how much faster pages resolve, so whereas i thought it may have been the network speed slowing things down.....its actually cpu speed related as such the Droid3 is way better experience.

As for Motoblur.....haven't noticed too many issues yet (though i'll be hacking it to cyanogenmod as soon as they have a rom available for it). I don't like the new carousel view for favorites. I also don't like the home page layout manager, it's wonky and sometimes causes objects to be misplaced in the wrong space.

The Motoblur picture gallery is crap (could be i'm just not used to it...will reserve judgement), also sharing photos to facebook etc sees more complicated that it needs to be now.

I did however notice no pre-installed QR reader which was a surprise (though Barcode Scanner 3.6 is now sitting on the home window).

Well thats about it for now. Check back again soon and i'll update as i get more of a feel for it. For $200 its an absolute steal.

-Update 1 week later-
So after a week of using this phone i wanted to say i'm loving it, apart from a 5" display and bringing back the Dpad there isn't a thing i'd change in teh Droid4 next year.

Feels as solid as a rock and the kayboard is even better than ny Droid1 

There is an engadget review up now as well -


BTW things you should know...

Wallpaper is 1080x960

ifixit tear down located here -


  1. I'll be very interested to find out how swapping the sim goes when you come to Australia, because I was thinking of buying one unlocked and importing it to Aus( where I live) .

  2. there will be a gsm specific model released in australia (the canadian one has been announced but not launched) it makes more sense to get this as it will have the right frequencies for mine might only match the 2g etc (i havent bothered looking at what they are yet).

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