Friday, July 15, 2011

U.S. Recognizes Rebels in Libya
The United States formally recognized the rebel leadership in Libya as the country’s legitimate government on Friday.

This is freaking nuts??

I dont understand why more Americans arent complaining about this.

Can you imagine what would happen if Libya decided to recognize the KKK as the true successionary government to the USA and decided to support them with arms drops and shipping ammunitions??

Or if Qaddafi decided to personally visit Waco Texas to show his support for the Branch Davidians and McVeigh (like Robert Ford did with Syria last week).

What is wrong with people?? Help me understand why this isnt a bigger issue.


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  1. The nut things happened when US without any apparent reason decided to take side in Libya’s civil war (protests at that time) and what we are having now are merely consequences of that decision. Since US is stuck with that conflict on the virtue of “you broke it – you own it”, it totally makes sense to recognize rebels as the legitimate government (after all HAMAS is the recognized authority at the Gaza Strip, though I must concede that HAMAS is more legitimate as a government because it was elected). Going back in history it still puzzles me what we are doing in Libya after not showing our support to Iranian protesters a year ago and not supporting Syria’s protesters now, but that’s beyond the point. After all nations building in Afghanistan and Iraq probably went extremely well by the opinion of the governing body that stuck us with Libya now. Anyway giving the circumstances it only makes sense to recognize rebels because it is allowing seizing 30 Billion of Libya’s assets in US and transferring them to rebels and starting openly support rebels with arms.

    I am surprised myself why US population is not protesting that much, actually not at all, while the majority still wants US out of Afghanistan and Iraq. The answer might be that the Congress itself did nothing after the president did not come back for the authorization of using the force. Let’s not forget that the majority of the people are not interested in the foreign policy until US citizens are killed. So, combine that with the uniform government statements that “this is not a war” and “we are not taking sides” and we have what we have. I am wondering if among all possible budget cuts Libya should not take the highest priority and to be cut first.