Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Who is Chim Pom - (hint they're not hipsters)

I was watching frontline last night (mainly for the story before) but then this story about these Japanese artists came on and i thought cool lets see what this is about.

Whats funny is at about 5min into it there is a scene of a girl in a hoodie and i was thinking fucking hipsters they're everywhere..... and about to change the channel.

Then they covered two of the coolest "art projects" i'd heard of recently.

Whoever came up with the idea of blowing up designer bags and ipods in Cambodia with landmines and then auctioning the framed results for fundraising is a genius.

Then the idea of "adding" a piece to an existing art work and culture jacking to make a point with the Level7 addition is a neat way to get attention fast, i love the viral idea of foretelling the future by jacking something in existence already but with hindsight.

Check out "Who is Chim Pom"  and watch this video if some of these ideas resonate with you.


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