Monday, April 09, 2012

Comment interaction

You know its weird how quickly we get used to things "being a certain way" i've been noticing when i read comments on an article how often i go to "+1 or vote a comment up etc" only to feel perturbed when there is no option to do so.

Considering this is a Digg/Reddit etc interaction weird how attuned my expectations are to give article without a comment section...un heard of.

The act of “Checking in” at an event/location wasn’t even on the radar 10 years ago even though now its so innate.

So my question is….what do think will be “defacto” interaction in 1-5 years that isn’t the norm today?


  1. Your mobile devices will communicate with other mobiles and other fixed devices on a regular basis. Business cards are finally gone. Phone is money.

    Walk into a store and you get the sales on your device. Wave your phone over something to get your coffee just the way you like it. Place your order at fast food joint, movie theater. No lines.


  2. I was in touch with a Swiss company a few years ago that was supposedly working with a USA based auto company that used your phones Bluetooth to “auto adjust” when you stepped into the driver seat your preferred seating/mirror/steering wheel combination.

    Coolest feature was that they were building custom LCD dashboards and you could custom choose your preferred “display” on the dash showing your speed/tach/other information eg boy racer/old school 70’s dials etc

    I thought this was one of the greatest ideas in auto design that I’d ever heard but I’ve never seen it introduced into their model line yet.

    I really like your idea of using your phone as a customization tool for coffee etc, you should build that and market it to Starbucks or the Square POS system to integrate with payments as well.