Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Printechnologic’s Touchcode

Some people are talking about PrintTechnoLogics and their new Capacitive "TouchCode" technology replacing QR codes.

The background
Ever since the smartphone era began, companies have looked for ways to quickly get information from the offline product world onto the phone. Barcode scanning is a popular approach while QR codes and proprietary tags, such as those from Microsoft, are other less-used solutions. These all require cameras and specifically printed codes; what if we could just use what looks like a standard ink solution and the touchscreen on our phones?


You need to download this proprietary app to your phone/tablet to interact with the capacitive code (unlike nfc where the reader is running in the background installed natively).

However the biggest issue is the fact that it is
1/ proprietary
2/ using indirect codes (you stop paying...they stop the redirection...)

Puts it out of contention for my clients immediately.

Sorry TouchCode but i'll continue to recommend open/free QR codes with URL direct codes to my client for the continuing future.


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