Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Design the phone of the future - Conference call next Friday

I thought some of you reading this blog might like to join this conference call next Friday

> Subject: VUC: Next Friday: Design the phone of the future
> Let's kick around ideas on this, what should the next generation of
> desk phones do? Should they be smarter? More input devices? Bigger,
> better screens?
> What features should a phone have? What would work great with asterisk
> to compliment (rather than interfere) with it.
> What's up with IAX? SHould SIP continue as the main star of protocols?
> How can we better use microbrowsers?
> Is video something we could really use?
> Some kind of basic whiteboard?
> Input other than keypad: alpha keyboard? Mouse or touchpad?
> Add your own to the list.
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------
VUC is Fridays at 12 Noon Eastern, 9AM PST, 11AM CST, 5PM UTC
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------

Interesting, hopefully we can also discuss 'home phones' like the new Verizon Hub.

Considering the lack of functionality of most home phones I'm surprised more appliances like this haven't been developed (albeit I think Verizon are over pricing themselves at $34.95 a month - or $10 more a month than Vonage for the same functionality).

They should be using this advanced functionality as a 'competitive edge' to win over customers.


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