Monday, January 26, 2009

The Emporer Has No Clothes (oh and his flunkies are idiots)

BTW want to see how much these CEO's who got paid last year for running these companies into the ground;

Laughing my ass off that John Thain got shafted from his new bosses at BOA after they found out how badly he had run Merrill Lynch last year (expected to be a $15B loss).

$87,000 on an office rug and $1,400 on a waste basket...... this is where your tax money is going.


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  1. Just heard on CNBC this morning that John Thain is going to be reimbursing BOA for his office redecorating expenses (not sure how much out of the $1.2m he is planning on paying) but i guess that makes him a stand up guy.

    (or he really liked the furnishings and part of the reimbursement deal and is he gets to keep them is taking them to his home yeh I know such a cynic).