Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Warning dont deal with www.HomeCenter.com

Whatever you do dont deal with http://www.homecenter.com/ i placed an order with them for a Grohe tap part on Jan 5th.

When it still didn't turn up by the 19th of Jan I called them to query what had happened.

Apparently their website has an issue with the google checkout on orders less than $100 (so why offer google checkout is my first question) and didn't automatically add the handling charge of $7.50..... of course when i asked why didn't they contact me their answer was we sent you an email...... hmmm sorry dont think so all my emails get archived and even after searching no email exists (so even though my credit card was charged they were waiting for me to query them about this before informig me they wanted to charge another $7.50? ....hmmm )

When i still hadn't received it today I called to ask where it was.....only to be told the item was a 4 week ship piece and that it wasn't due to be delivered until the 16th of Feb!!!!! this sucks bigtime considering they charged my credit card on the 5th of Jan.

http://www.homecenter.com/ sux's hopefully this post will save someone else some frustration.


P.S. Would also be interested in knowing what Groehe and Google Checkout think about their products being rubbished on and blamed for problems by their sales channel partners.

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