Friday, January 16, 2009

Tumblr and their free business model

I just posted this comment at SIA regarding Tumblr's claim of 625,000 users.

I thought it was worth posting the comment here as well.

Yep, i dont see the business model.
It's easy to build a free service for 625,000 users.....converting them to paying customers is hard.
Want to see how easy, give me 625,000 Mars bars and I'm sure i could get rid of them in under a day at Union Square park on 14th St.
Whats the point.....?

Dean Collins


  1. Good point. Time to see some innovation to the "now what" biz model.

  2. yeh it's over a year old, guess they changed their url structure.

  3. and can't you find it (the link) again or post the contents of it?

  4. sorry doesn't look like the article is on their website anymore.