Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Set top box upgrade - woah whats with all the new features?

If you have a time warner 8300hd set top box you should take it back today asap.

It's sneaky but time warner now have 8300HDC set top boxes available but they haven't told their existing subscribers that these are available.

All you need to do is take your box in with the remote and they'll issue you a swapout with the new remote.

There are a ton of new functions in the 8300HDC's, they range from far better tv guide and recoding functionality. Even things that you think would be easy to reverse engineer into the old boxes like having the year of the movie or the series and episode number for series.

The gui is a little bit slower in responsiveness and they have lost the search by actor name function but the other advantages are way cooler. the only thing they are missing is multi-room functionality, remote box control (setting up recording etc from a browser), remote content viewing functionality for viewing on a laptop etc (al la Slingbox), content reformatting for uploading content to ipods etc..... lol small steps huh.


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