Thursday, January 08, 2009

Superman's memory crystals

You know in the Superman movies when he flies back to his hidden 'Ice Cave' and there is this scene where he places these 'memory crystals' into a 'memory player' and retrevies huge amounts of stored video and data etc.

The great thing about memory data is that we have always known we are getting smaller and better and cheaper. It's only a matter of time before we have ridiculous amounts of memory storage on our handsets and laptop devices.

Considering that the price point for 1TB hard drives recently fell below $99 there is going to be a fundamental change in how we view data.

With the recent announcement of the SDXC standard we are very much one step closer to the 'Superman crystal' of memory storage.

It's insane how small these are when you consider that it is physically holding over 2000+ cd's worth of data.

Bring it on as far as I'm concerned - the more data the better.

Though concidering my recent purchase of a N7700 you could now have 7 of these SDXC cards in the space that a single hard drive takes up as a replacement...... (the N7700 has 7 hard drives and costs about $1400 including the 7 x 1.5tb hard drives).

Hmmm 7 of these as a laptop ssd drive.......


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  1. Yet another example of how we are on a breakthrough in memory/storage design.