Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Cubics banner ad results

So the $20.00 i spent on 'test' banner ad impressions to market http://www.livebaseballchat.com/ on the Cubics social ad network finally ran out (lol after they refunded me for click fraud twice).

To tell you the truth i was glad it was finally running out as i felt bad they were funding people/content providers somewhere in the world for fraud.

So in the interest of sharing i thought i'd share the results in case anyone is interested and open it up to discussion.

The results are pretty straight forward;

Spent $20 - had 883,911 text banners displayed in 15 Days.

Over the 15 days, 382 people clicked on the banners or approximately 1 in every 2,314 displays (in green).

Each banner cost me 2 thousands of a cent to display, or 0.02 cpm (in red).
Each click cost me 5 cents (in blue).

Now interestingly we charge $1 cpm to display ads on http://www.livebaseballchat.com/ - so we will display 1,000 banner ads for $1.

That means;
1000 ads = $1.00
100 ads = $0.10
10 ads = $0.01
1 ads = $0.001

So if it cost me 5c to get someone to click to my site i need them to view 50 ads before i make a profit. As we rotate our ad every 60 seconds I need them to stay on the site approx 50 minutes (or for them to come back over a period of days for a total of 50 minutes before i start making money).

Any thoughts?


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  1. Sean Fairchild;
    "how is the volume on your site? how many of clicks were conversions to registration?"

    Dean Collins;
    "because we didn't setup a 'unique' landing page i dont know how many of the 328 resulted in registrations.

    our primary issue is most of the time nothing is happening on the site except in the evening or weekends when the games are on - also a lot of people register, click around then leave without posting a message..... eg. waiting for the other person to speak first.

    or worse, log out after only 1 or 2 minutes.... then someone else logs in.

    lol - i have a dashboard app on my desktop that shows what time and the ip addresses of people as the land on the site (whether they log in or not) - i see stuff like this all the time."