Sunday, August 02, 2009

Cubics click fraud post 2

So as you can see in my last post i was recently testing some advertising for our website.

It appeared there was some click fraud issues when we had 198 hits in 1 hour on the 1st day.

I cant say thanks to Cubics enough, within 24 hours they had refunded the money and had made us right financially again.

Unfortunately the last 2 days we have been hit by the same issue again.

I've passed this information on to Cubics but even if they refund the money again i think i'll be passing on paying Cubics any more of my hard earned money in order to pay for our banners ads after this $20 test.

Day 2 - 59 fake clicks

Day 3 - 44 fake clicks

Can anyone recomend a good CPM based network for our sites apart from google that has solid payment reliability and they also sell ads spots at a reasonable rate?
For all of our direct advertisers we charge $1 cpm and I'm happy paying around about the same as long as it's not a bunch of robot clicks.

Any thoughts?


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