Friday, August 07, 2009

John Hughes RIP

John Hughes - RIP :(

Someone had put together this amazing montage
- and yes i did cry at the 3.30 mark with the "Dream Academy" sample (I uploaded it to the "Mood Music of the day" box in case you want to listen to it again).

lol of course they had to have that last scene at the very end.......

Also check out this article

I was heartbroken to hear that John Hughes passed away: Not only had Hughes shaped my generation in the 80s, but even today teens are rediscovering his films and identifying with them. It’s a bit too early to tell, but to me this hints that some of those films will without a doubt be seen as future classics in the years to come. And maybe that’s because there’s something for everyone to identify with in those films, the Breakfast Club is a great example of this which featured almost every teen archetype of the era. So without further ado here are ten reasons I admired John Hughes:

I think a Hughes fanfest is going to have to happen this weekend at my place.

P.S. just did a quick update - there are now 7 Hughes tracks in the Mood Music box.

In case you are in the buying mood

Pretty In Pink: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

The Breakfast Club: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Some Kind Of Wonderful: Music From The Motion Picture Soundtrack

She's Having a Baby (Soundtrack)

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