Saturday, August 22, 2009

Qantas sux !!

Qantas Sucks and i will never fly with them again !!

Our trip from New York to Sydney has just been delayed 24 hours midway through.

Basically Qantas has dumped us in LA with no accomodation and no compensation because although we have confirmed seats on the LAX-Sydney portion of the trip they have a "weight issue".

Their only response was we have moved your LAX-Sydney portion of the trip to tomorrow at the same time (10.30pm saturday a full 24 hours later).

I have never been treated so rudely by flight staff.

Basically they are saying because we flew American Airlines from New York to LAX that they weren't obligated to put us up in accomodation or compensate us in anyway.

My argument was hang on a minute we booked and paid for this flight from New York to Sydney on the Qantas website - just because you chose to put us on an American Airlines code share doesn't mean that it becomes Americans responsibility you cant take us on the flight.

Their response was "here have a coupon for discount accomodation at Sheraton Fourpoints which will only cost you $75" (I went online after we checked in - the website rate was $109. Oh and btw what a flea bag joint - I cant believe Sheraton has such a shitty hotel in it's chain. The Sheraton Fourpoints hotel at LAX must be the worst hotel in LA. We slept on top of the bed worrying about what was 'between the sheets'. Hmmm polyester sheets, only the finest thread count for our guests).

I will never fly Qantas ever again and have cut up my Qantas frequent flyer card.

Wonder why people are flying Virgin from the USA to Australia how about....when you book a seat they actually get you to your destination as a start.

(oh btw the in seat entertainment only worked on 2 of the 4 legs - 50% fail rate.... hmmm i know nothings perfect but 16 hours between LAX-Syd with no movies overnight is ridiculous....btw read a good book worth checking out). # Qantas Sucks

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