Saturday, August 22, 2009

Making the best of a bad situation

So after Qantas screwed up our LAX-Sydney flight by one day we decided to hire a car and do something worthwhile for the unplanned 22 hours.

Car hire in LA seemed to be expensive, even after shopping around it costs us $132 for a mid size for 1 day ($89 for car- the rest was for insurance).

It was great, drove up to Santa Monica for breakfast , then Malibu for lunch (via the legendary Mullholland Drive) then did a big loop up through the desert and Simi Valley (hi Nikki !!) and then back through Hollywood/Rodeo Drive etc before heading to the airport less than 10 hours later but with at least 300 miles on the odometer to check in for our flight.

Btw our car hire while in Sydney for a 1 year old corolla is $20 a day plus $5 insurance.

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