Monday, June 26, 2006

Murder in NY

This post started by Jodie asking.... hmm you don't see as many murders in NY reported in the press, well not as much as you would think when we moved from Australia to NY (we only see about 1 murder a week on the news).

hmmm .... a bit of googling lead me to this page (do you drop the 'e' when referring to the verb of using google?)

it's a link to a google map mashup between various crime databases (have I told you recently how much I love mashups).

The basics of the information is that there are approx 500 murders each year in the 5 Manhattan boroughs for the last 3 years and they are fairly roughly spread out at 100 per borough (so any thoughts of the Bronx being a pit of murder is just plain wrong) however what is really interesting is the 'collectivity' around certain blocks, what also surprised (well maybe not) was the lack oh physical murders (strangulation or beatings) vs shooting.

On average there are only 10 strangulations in NY each year, for 20 million people that seems kind of low.

BTW in case you are interested, Washington DC has the highest murder rate per capita and I found that Honolulu is at 32nd with only 18 last year (for 900,000 people).

Looks like those Hawaiins know how to have a good time hanging out enjoying life.


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