Thursday, June 29, 2006

New York State Flooding and Global Warming

With all the flooding that has been happening in upstate NY this week I wonder if Americans are starting to think there might be something to this global warming 'thing'.

I mean we all know half of Florida and Texas became water front property last summer but no one of any real consequence lives down there but now we are talking about 2 of the worst floods in New York states history in the last 50 years.

I'm still stunned that SUV's seem to be selling in record numbers even though oil is now at $70 a barrell but to be honest nothing surprises me about Americas narrow focus anymore (I'll save the rest for my next post on why USA will be the number 2 super power within the next 10 years).

As a side matter we went and saw Al Gores movie last week, not bad but I couldn't help but thinking the entire time....where was this enviromentally friendly platform the entire time you were in office, it's easy to scream from the bleachers now he is out of politics (though I'm happy to admit maybe this was his stance all the way through 8 years-but anyways...lets not ruin a good story).

Check it out as you might learn something (also a good link for a technical discussion on ice cores below :) - all the stuff you never thought you'd want to know.


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