Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Red Bull X-Alps Challenge

Red Bull X-Alps is a competition where the task is to cross the Alps as fast as possible by flying with a paraglider and then hiking up the next mountain range to get enough height to take off all over again, starting in the East (Dachstein Mountain Range, Austria) and finishing in the West (Monaco).

They can have only 1 support member who carries food supplies, navigation advice etc but generally the athlete is either flying or hiking 20 hours out of every 24 trying to fly as far as possible in the turbulent air high over the Alps, land safely, walk most of the night with a 20 kg pack containing their flying gear, sleep as little as possible, hike 1500M up a peak (always with the glider!) before breakfast, take-off... and repeat until reaching the beaches of Monaco, 800 km to the west!


way cool, almost makes me want to go for a jog tomorrow morning.


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