Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Asterisk Multi Level Status API

Lol - You know it's funny when members of your own family ask.....what exactly do you do for work again?

And it doesn't matter how many times you explain it....it's still greek.

So i was writing this email below when the question came up yet again "what are you working on today"...... (if you have no idea what Asterisk is check out http://www.asterisk.org/ or www.cognation.net/asterisk or http://www.voip-info.org/wiki/view/asterisk )

I'm not going to try an explain all of the connotations in the email below but lets say it's a rather interesting concept about how some of the things I've been thinking about lately might help add additional functionality to Asterisk in a way never considered before........ yep like I said - it's all greek.


From: asterisk-dev-bounces@lists.digium.com [mailto:asterisk-dev-bounces@lists.digi...com] On Behalf Of Dean Collins Sent: Monday, 23 April 2007 7:37 PMTo: Russell BryantCc: Asterisk Developers Mailing ListSubject: [asterisk-dev] RE: Multi Level Status API

Hi Russell,

Great idea to send this out to the ast-dev list, the more input the better.

As discussed on the http://www.x2z.eu/ Asterisk Talkshoe call last Friday (it’s on 12.30pm usa est -5 gmt every Friday for 45 mins in case anyone else on the list wants to join us) it was very exciting to hear that you will be working on “status” across multiple asterisk servers.

Just a recap for people on the list who weren’t on the call, my question was “if you are going to implement Status across multiple servers why stop at just on or off as a query result (russell’s initial comments were you could tell if a handset was on the phone/off the phone, eg busy / free OR logged in/logged off he also mentioned the main driving reason was to check voicemail message to be accessed or nil message).

My suggestion in order to make status truly a substantial feature would be to implement ‘tier’ levels of status in order to take advantage of the new services such as Iotum’s Talk Now.

Eg. I’m available to take calls but only priority calls, send all level 2 or below calls to voicemail.

Or to take advantage of jabber/messenger/sms messaging applications. I’m available to take text messages but not phone calls.

My real desire would be to have a published API for tiered status so that people could write applications against this. Eg a softkey on my Polycom can now move me into “priority only calls” against this code.

This would allow people like Lumenvox to write code that would take an inbound call, convert to text then deliver this to my “text” application rather than my handsets voicemail.

I hope this published multi level status API is of interest to you and welcome your comments or from the rest of the list.

Dean Collins
Cognation Pty Ltd
+1-212-203-4357 Ph

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> If you would like to have any further discussion about presence type
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> asterisk-dev mailing list. It is best if we give the entire development
> community a chance to contribute to the discussion.
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