Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Content is....

Content truly is King....or is that a Prince....or maybe an it's definitely a Duke.

lol - I remember back when I first found out about a company called Akimbo (who? yep thats right .....a potential Harvard business case in what not to do when you have such a huge lead over everyone else it's not funny) and started looking in the Australian content market space for suitable video content to license for IP distribution.

Now you have to remember this was back in 2003 (it's insane how short a time ago that was and how much the market has changed).

So in 2003 basically I was able to go to anyone who had suitable content and present them with a proposal to distribute their video on a 50/50 rev share arrangement and as it was "new revenue" that was outside of their current licensing deals was money for jam.

Reading these two articles today made me realise how much the market has changed in such a short time frame.

P.S. Interesting article on Joost that I came across this afternoon a few hours after I wrote this post

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