Thursday, April 05, 2007

Way to go Pepsi

FEEDING INTO YOUNG CONSUMERS' DESIRE to discover and personalize, Pepsi is offering all consumers a chance to design a can and win 10 grand.

The winning design will appear on 500 million Pepsi cans in national distribution, the company says. Beginning this week, consumers can access the "Design Our Pepsi Can" promotion at,

How cool a marketing campaign is this, you still have to print something on the cans anyway so apart from the campaign costs probably not going to cost much for all of the customer interaction they are going to get.

It's when you come across a campaign like this that you realise how easy it is to interact with your customers if you just stop what you are doing and reach out.

When was the last time you put down what you were doing and just talked to your client? (or even better walked up to someone in a supermarket with one of your products in their shopping trolley?)


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