Friday, April 20, 2007

'Voip'ify Your Website

One of the coolest things about my job is I get to play with some of the coolest hottest new toys around ( :) always looking for more consulting gigs).

I'm always looking for new ways to use technology to help people sell more, be more profitable, work smarter, reach out to their clients and customers.....

So when one of my clients launched Corraleta (which is the worlds most advanced Click-to-Talk Java SDK solution for website contact pages.

I'm kind of stoked working on something that changed the way people would communicate with company websites, it's a very cool piece of technology.

Yes Google has their Click-to-Dial solution, but that uses simple "two legged outbound calls" which is so last generations technology, and yes Estara have their Click-to-Talk solution but that's Active-X so only works on Microsoft browsers.

Mexuar has the worlds only Java Click-to-Talk solution and the coolest part was we were able to sell it cheaper than anyone else.

Now here comes the cool part, we've been selling for a few months and things are humming along, we have big companies like Lavalife using it, and a whole heap of smaller companies as well who until now couldn't afford this technology.....and we have a few 'Major' companies sniffing around looking for a potential buyout.... (fingers crossed) all is good.

Then a customer comes along and says - hey guys, can I use Corraleta for this? - and we fall over.

It's so simple it's so perfect and I cant believe we as the developers never thought of it. (it's a hidden page off the main site so you can only get there from this link).

Basically Mexuar is just a way to turn any java compliant browser (eg 98.5% of them) into a softphone - so think of it like Skype but without the executable file to download, install, and then configure.

Our java applet is only 125kb. There is zero configuration. In 10 seconds or less you are talking with the person at the other end of the phone.
(and yes they don't need to be on a pc, they are answering the call on a real phone and because it's IP the call is free all the way from your browser out over the internet to their pabx and then on to their handset). BTW click here if you want to try it out on a 24 hour recording rather than waking me up at 3 in the morning :)

So this guys said....Does there need to be a person at the end of the call... Cant I just put them into a conference room..... Wow-why didn't we think of that?

So basically you can now voip enable any forum, web site, social networking community, any web site that you have lots of people visiting if you want to add a new generation of communication for your website buy a Corraleta license, install it on your server and then when people are visiting your site they click a link, a popup browser will connect them into a conference room and then your visitors can all talk to each other for free with no configuration or install while they are browsing the rest of the site.

So think about this - you run a motorcross site. 24 hours a day people are visiting your site, they may spend 5-10 minutes kicking around reading forum posts etc then leave.

Now add Corraleta - when they visit they can be chatting to whoever else is on the site at the same time. They can talk about particular articles or maybe even comment on each others posts but they are going to be spending way more than 5-10 minutes just browsing around.

Longer visits, more banner advertising revenue, more chances to buy your product.

And the coolest part about it......a customer pointed it out to us.


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