Monday, November 05, 2007

$3 a gallon for petrol in the USA ....big deal

So everyone in the US press is making a big deal about the average price of gas in the USA crossing the $3 per gallon threshold.

Big deal.

You guys have no idea about the real price of gas that's why you are still cruising around in hulk-mobiles and wonder why the rest of the worlds are driving around in gas efficient sedans.

For simple maths here's some figures

1Gallon = 3.8 liters

$US1 = $A 0.90

So the comparative rate in Australia that the USA currently buys their gas at is 0.87c per liter.

Lol - the actual current average for petrol in Sydney is $1.30 per liter. if you were to convert that to USA dollars and gallons it would be equal to $US3.95 a gallon (and this number is being helped substantially by the much higher than normal $A it should be closer to $4.15+ per gallon if the Aussie dollar is taken at a 12month rate).

Like I guys have it pretty good stop your crying.



  1. america thinks its got it bad?
    try uk!
    is america is $3 per gallon for petrol
    theres 3.8L per gallon
    in uk its £1.09 per L
    that means its 0.78$ per L in america
    under current exchange rate that works out as
    0.39p per L in america
    £1.09 per L in uk
    thats like almost 1/3 the price of what we pay!

    $8.65 per gallon in uk
    $3 per gallon in us

  2. Just a novel observation from a 'crying' American. Perhaps you should stop interpretting what our media says is a 'dire emergency' etc. for what the people are actually feeling. Last summer the American press was causing a panic about sharka attacks and before that child abductions. Guess what? No Americans ran out and got shark-bite insurance or locked their children away underground. Moral of the story: Don't claim a society is in any state of panic or 'crying' because you read about it in the media (especially, ironically enough, the U.S media)