Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Google QR Codes

The googles are coming....the googles are coming.... :)

Came across this today (interesting none of the google reps at Mobile Barcamp NYC 2 last week talked about it at all).

Will this finally be the turning point for QR code adoption in the USA?

Interesting sidenote - I never heard back from any of the 3 advertising agencies who talked to me at MobileCamp about coming in to run the 4 hour QR code workshop……..I kind of get the feeling the problem is with the interactive agencies ....not the technology.

And for any agencies reading this post "will you be reading this and in 2 years be wondering…why didn’t I implement this to my clients at the time".

Go download this message.....you'll know what to do once you read it.


For more information on Google QR codes check out www.Cognation.net/QR

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