Friday, November 30, 2007

Voices of the Brands

So I got to attend another NY Advertising Meetup event last night.

One thing straight up, I need to apologise to some people about my last post I didn't realise that this was only the second event they had ever held.

This month i got to see David Polichock from Brand Experience Lab talk, i'd met David before when he got me a television interview for a client of mine doing some work in Second Life so I was already in awe of this guy but tonight he blew the room away.

The topic was Ideas for 2008, in 5 minutes he gave as many potential predictions (more opportunities to be seized upon by people in the audience but you get the point) as the other 4 speakers.

But the one i want to cover is his concept about "Voices of Brands". David's coverage was far more extensive than I could cover here but the basic concept is this.....that in a marketing world where people are being blasted by ad execs trying to meet "frequency and coverage" quotas that the only way to cut through the hubris is by giving your "Brand a Voice".

A voice that stands for something and stands out in the crowd.

It's not just a tagline or recognisable marketing logo but something that creates a groundswell of goodwill eg the Dove - Real Beauty campaign

The customer interactions gained through real dialog is worth far more than any 'old school' marketing budget can ever afford to "buy" you.

P.S. I just stumbled across this video online while searching for something else and thought it definitely belonged here.

BTW Mad Men rocks - check out my post here

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