Sunday, November 04, 2007

New York City marathon

So unbeknown to us until the police trucks started setting up barricades outside our apartment last night, the New York City marathon runs right past our apartment today.

Got to see the leaders in both mens and women and considering we are situated just past the 22 mile mark....they were looking fantastic.

I'll add more photos to in the next few days but here are a few snaps from this morning (and yes it's about 4pm and there are still people running past right now), not sure when they cut it off.

P.S. Dont you think it's ridiculous as well that one of the major sponsors is Dunkin Donuts?

1 comment:

  1. yes, they run the marathon right outside of the building.

    on father's day there is an annual bike race...people flock to the front porch to watch the collision. What collision you ask? Every year there is a nasty crash right in front of the steps (bikers speeding around the sharp corner).

    Quite a photo op!