Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Harlem Vintage

The title of this post should be really Harlem 'Find'.

So we've been invited to a thanksgiving with some American friends and thought we'd pick up a couple of nice bottles of wine, thinking I'd have to head downtown jumped onto google this afternoon as haven't needed to buy any since we moved here last month (wow 6 weeks already).

Came across a wine shop called Harlem Vintage

Best part about it is that it's only 3 blocks from our place.

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Talk about area gentrification - really good selection, pretty much the second best place I've found in NY for variety (having said that at 500-750 labels it would be considered small in Australia), but here's the kicker....really really reasonable prices, at least 30-40% cheaper than my old place on 74th & 2nd on the UES.

I wouldn't call it boutique as they didn't really have high end labels but if you live locally you should check it out. If you live on the west side....probably worth the trip up for a mixed case or two........if you are coming from the UES - lol, you can afford not to bother making the effort :)


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