Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The 80's - what were we thinking!!

Long story why but I was recently looking for The Matthew Wilder song "Break My Stride" (which apparently never had a clip made for it - so you are stuck with the Solid Gold tv footage).

I came across this footage of the Matthew Wilder - "Kid's American" video which has 'High Glam' 80's clothing to the max.

Makes me cringe now thinking hmmm yep I owned a don jackson jacket and wore it more than once with a tshirt and loafers - WTF were we thinking???

Lol and I have an ex who, while she didn't drive a caddy like in the video and was Maltese pretty much has been seen in public wearing an outfit like the girl in that video.

Also makes me wonder are we going to look back in 10 years on the curent 'gangster rap' look are we also going to wonder - WTF :)


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