Thursday, May 01, 2008

Live Mesh

I was going to post a longer blog post about Microsoft Live Mesh at a later date once all the details were known but commented on the Newtech-1 list this morning and thought it was worth posting here as well.

If you haven't heard of Mesh check out this site which has pretty good coverage.

then read the inbound email and my reply below.

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Joel Spolsky's take on Mesh is here:

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Well that’s a little harsh – if file synchronization is such a snap why isn’t it more prevalent?

Show me an application that is syncing video from my living room dvr to my cell phone.

Too consumer orientate you think?

Ok then tell me why when I install Outlook (or firefox if you are anti MS) that I have to re-configure it exactly the way I like it, why doesn’t it sync to the ‘syncoverse’ and pull down my configuration files etc?

(btw just checked both the .com and .net domain names are available for the term ‘Syncoverse’ :) - cut me in for 10% if you think there is a business model)

I think Mesh has some interesting potential……..lets just choose to agree that whether or not the potential will ever be fulfilled is what we are really discussing.

Dean Collins


  1. "Well that’s a little harsh – if file synchronization is such a snap why isn’t it more prevalent?"

    I think you miss Joel's point.

    It's not prevalent because NOBODY NEEDS IT OR WANTS IT. Which means that at best, synchronization is a piece of R&D. It solves for -nothing-, yet MS insists that it's worth wasting years of valuable developer time.

    Until Mesh/Hailstorm/whatever solves a problem, it will never "fulfill its potential." Potential for what, exactly?

  2. Well I think a ‘kazillion’ itunes users would disagree with you.

    Although I’m not an ipod (or itunes user), it’s my understanding that one of the reasons why itunes is such a huge success is the simplicity of synchronizing music, playlists and experiences between the desktop and the portable device.

    I for one would love that when I drive my car into the garage (of course I mean my Australian car not here in NY as that is such an oxymoron) that it synchs with my dvr automatically updating the cars video hard drive with shows I haven’t watched yet and making them available for the next commute.


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    All --

    This video of Ray Ozzie talking with Jon Udell is interesting on this question:

    Udell keeps coming back to the idea of Mesh as a file sharing utility -- and Ozzie seems visibly frustrated. He never does really explain what he thinks Mesh will do, though there are some clues as to what he hopes to build. There also seems to be a business argument.


    Hi Phil great video, even though 30 mins long worth the listen.

    I heard the magic words at 20m.15s into the video that said will allow you to sync “settings” between devices and accounts.

    I’m off to register for a beta account on this point alone.

    What was also very interesting in this video and I hadn't heard being discussed before was how a website could have a mesh account. This would mean that I could share my settings with a mesh enabled website which would be able to interact with this information.

    I'm totally guessing here but how about the following potential applications.

    - Instant language reformat into my language of choice?

    - Instant backup of the web page text only content to a 'archive database' of every website I ever visited?

    - Instant presentation of a url/audio transcription/mobilised version of the content to a Live Toolbar button on my browser so I can 'send' or 'make available' this content on one of my other Mesh accounts.

    The more I think about this the more excited I get and understand it's not just a user sync application but an interaction api.


  4. Just came across this you tube video...nice marketing budget for a product that only just began beta trials.


    This link was just posted, great summary of the differences between Live Mesh and Hailstorm.

    I'd also like to add......maybe peoples expectations of what can and cant live in the cloud these days is also very different.

    Dont screw this one up Microsoft's a very interesting opportunity.