Thursday, May 15, 2008

NoCleanFeed for Australian Internet

This was just sent to me by a friend of mine in Australia and I thought it a worthy enough cause to post it unedited on my blog here.

It's unfortunate that the labour party is still pushing the internet filtering technology, it will end up a huge waste of tax payers money and ultimately fail.

I sent an email to my federal member previously pointing out this and other issues, and he forwarded it to the good senator. I got back a load of political rhetoric in reply which never answered or addressed anything I pointed out.

The EFF Australia has setup a website with even more information on how this will be a waste of money, and what further implications on this will mean.

Everyone should be made aware of the bigger picture and how all the money will be wasted to appease a handful of Family First senators, and Family First's agenda for the country is quite scary so why the Labour party is pandering to them is anyone's guess.
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  1. For a more comprehensive discussion on this check out

    Whirlpool is this fantastic website just dedicated to carrier/isp/voip discussions (actually surprising the USA doesn't have something similar with all the issues/discussions about bit torrent throttling going on).

    Specific article link is here