Monday, May 19, 2008

Google SOC 2008

This year bigger and better than ever Google Summer Of Code 2008 (Google SOC) has 1125 student contributors and 175 Free and Open Source projects.

There are some suprising ommisions in the list below....?

But apart from that some great ideas - check out the ideas link next to each of the companies/projects to see what their code monkeys will be working on this summer and also check out the where they will be posting regular details and updates.

This is definately one of the cooler 'concepts' to ever come out of Google.


Mentoring Organizations Participating in Google Summer of Code 2008
AbiSource (ideas)
Adium (ideas)
The Apache Software Foundation (ideas)
ArgoUML (ideas) (ideas)
Audacity (ideas)
Battle for Wesnoth (ideas)
BBC Research (ideas)
Blender Foundation (ideas)
BlueZ (ideas)
Boost C++ (ideas)
BRL-CAD (ideas)
BZFlag (ideas)
Cairo (ideas)
Center for the Study of Complex Systems, Univ. of Michigan (ideas)
ChristmasFuture (ideas)
CLAM (at Universitat Pompeu Fabra) (ideas)
Codehaus (ideas)
Comprehensive C Archive Network (CCAN) (ideas)
Computer Systems Research Group, Vrije Universiteit (MINIX) (ideas)
Coppermine Photo Gallery (ideas)
coresystems GmbH (ideas)
Creative Commons (ideas)
Crystal Space (ideas)
Debian (ideas)
Dirac Schrodinger (ideas)
Django (ideas)
Dojo Foundation (ideas)
The DragonFly BSD Project (ideas)
Drupal (ideas)
The Eclipse Foundation (ideas)
The Electronic Frontier Foundation (ideas)
The Enlightenment Project (ideas)
ES operating system (ideas)
Etherboot Project (ideas)
eXist (ideas)
The Fedora Project & (ideas)
FFmpeg (ideas)
The Free Software Initiative of Japan (ideas)
The FreeBSD Project (ideas)
Freenet Project Inc (ideas)
Gallery (ideas)
GCC (ideas)
The gEDA Project (ideas)
Geeklog (ideas)
GenMAPP (ideas)
Gentoo (ideas)
GIMP - GNU Image Manipulation Program (ideas)
Git Development Community (ideas)
The Globus Alliance (ideas)
GNOME (ideas)
GNU Hurd (ideas)
GNU Project (ideas)
Gnumeric (ideas)
GNUstep (ideas)
GStreamer (ideas)
Haiku (ideas) (ideas)
hugin/panotools (ideas)
Hypertriton, Inc. (ideas)
Ingres (ideas)
Inkscape (ideas)
International Components for Unicode (ideas)
Internet Archive (ideas)
Internet2 (ideas)
Jato (ideas)
The Java PathFinder Team (ideas)
Jikes RVM (ideas)
K-3D (ideas)
KDE (ideas)
Linden Lab (Second Life) (ideas)
The Linux Foundation (ideas)
LispNYC (ideas)
LLVM Compiler Infrastructure (ideas)
MacPorts (ideas)
Mercurial (a project of the Software Freedom Conservancy) (ideas)
MetaBrainz Foundation Inc. (ideas)
Mixxx (ideas)
MoinMoin Wiki Project (ideas)
Mono Project (ideas)
Moodle (ideas)
The Mozilla Project (ideas)
MySQL (ideas)
Natural User Interface Group (ideas)
NCSA - The National Center for Supercomputing Applications at the University of Illinois (ideas)
NESCent - National Evolutionary Synthesis Center (ideas)
The NetBSD Project (ideas)
NetSurf (ideas)
Neuros Technology (ideas)
Nmap Security Scanner (ideas)
The ns-3 Project (ideas)
OAR (ideas)
OGRE (ideas)
Ohio Supercomputer Center (ideas)
Ohloh Corporation (ideas)
OLAT, University of Zurich (ideas)
OMII-UK (ideas)
One Laptop per Child (ideas)
Open Security Foundation (OSVDB) (ideas)
Open Source Applications Foundation (ideas)
Open Source Matters (ideas)
Open64 (ideas)
OpenAFS (ideas)
OpenChange (a project of the Software Freedom Conservancy) (ideas)
OpenICC (ideas)
OpenInkpot (ideas)
OpenMoko Inc. (ideas)
OpenMRS (ideas)
OpenNMS (ideas)
OpenQA (ideas)
OpenStreetMap (ideas)
openSUSE (ideas)
Oregon State University Open Source Lab (OSU OSL) (ideas)
OSCAR (ideas)
OSGeo - Open Source Geospatial Foundation (ideas)
OSSIM: Open Source Security Information Management (ideas)
Pardus project (ideas)
Pentaho (ideas)
The Perl Foundation (ideas)
PHP (ideas)
Pidgin (ideas), Ltd. (ideas)
Plazi Verein (ideas)
Plone Foundation (ideas)
Portland State University (ideas)
PostgreSQL project (ideas)
PostNuke Application Framework (ideas)
Project Hackystat (ideas)
Ptolemy Project, University of California, Berkeley (ideas)
Python Software Foundation (ideas)
R Foundation for Statistical Computing (ideas)
Rockbox (ideas)
RTEMS Project (ideas)
Ruby Central (ideas)
Sahana (ideas)
Sakai Foundation and IMS Global Learning Consortium (ideas)
Samba (ideas)
SCons next-generation build system (ideas)
Scribus Team (ideas)
ScummVM (ideas)
Simple DirectMedia Layer (ideas)
Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence (ideas)
SIP Communicator (ideas)
The Software Freedom Conservancy (ideas)
The Squeak Project (ideas)
Subclipse (ideas)
Subversion (ideas)
Swarm Development Group (SDG) (ideas)
SWIG (ideas)
The SYSLINUX Project (ideas)
Tcl/Tk Community (ideas)
TeX Users Group (ideas)
Thousand Parsec (ideas)
Translate Toolkit & Pootle (ideas)
TurboGears (ideas)
Tux4Kids (ideas)
Umit (ideas)
VideoLAN (ideas)
Vim (ideas)
The WebKit Open Source Project (ideas)
Wikimedia Foundation (ideas)
The Wine Project (ideas)
WinLibre (ideas)
WordPress (ideas)
WorldForge (ideas)
wxPython (ideas)
wxWidgets (ideas)
The X.Org Foundation (ideas)
XBMC (ideas) Foundation (ideas)
XMMS2 - X(cross)platform Music Multiplexing System (ideas)
XMPP Standards Foundation (ideas)
XWiki (ideas)
Zope Foundation, Inc (ideas)
Zumastor (ideas)

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